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Friday   € 24,95
Saturday   € 52,50
Sunday   € 39,95
Sunday until 12 years   € 10,00
Weekend   € 74,95
Weekend + camping   € 87,95
Camping   € 20,00
VIP Saturday   € 75,00
VIP Sunday   € 75,00
Tokens 14 pieces   € 38,00
Tokens 21 pieces   € 56,50
VIP-parking Saturday   € 25,00
VIP-parking Sunday   € 25,00
Locker Weekend   € 12,00

Ticket selling points
Tickets will be exclusively available via, and Eventbrite, our ticketing partner. Unfortunately, there are several other resellers that offer fake or overpriced WiSH Outdoor tickets. Prevent massive disappointment and only buy via the official channels!

Personalizing your tickets
As of WiSH Outdoor 2018, you are obliged to personalize your ticket. If you buy tickets for more persons, make sure that you have all first names, last names and mail addresses of all fellow attendees.  

Changing the name of the ticket
If you want to change the name that’s on a WiSH Outdoor ticket (so somebody else is going to use this ticket instead of you), you can edit your data at Eventbrite to change the name and mail address for this ticket. The name will be changed in our systems and the ticket with the previous name on it is not valid anymore. Check: or send an e-mail to


You can book various hotel packages including festival tickets via Festicket. Check out the possibilities below:




Didn't receive tickets for tokens/locker/parking

All the additional items/products like tokens, lockers and parkingtickets will be send later on by Eventbrite. You'll receive a code and a briefing in your mailbox at least one week before the event. 

Vip ticket info
If you want to enter WiSH Outdoor as a VIP, you have to buy a VIP ticket. The Sunday VIP tickets are for adventurers of all ages (ALL). People of all ages need a VIP ticket to get on the VIP deck. So also visitors of 17 years and younger, should buy a Sunday VIP ticket (and no 0-12 years ticket). Go to the VIP entrance and there you will receive your bracelet. If you have a child, aged 12 or younger with you, it needs to be accompanied by an adult.

Take a break from the journey and enjoy your amazing view from the VIP deck in front of the mainstage. It also provides access to the exclusive VIP toilets, situated behind the VIP decks. As easy as one, two, pee. LOL.  

Sunday ticket [0-12 years] info
This ticket is for adventurers of 12 years or younger. If your child is under 12 but looks older, you may be asked to provide proof of age. Children of age 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult. If you -as a parent- have a VIP ticket, you and your child should go to the VIP entrance and you will both receive a VIP bracelet.

WARNING! To buy this ticket you have to be 12 years old or younger ON SUNDAY JULY 1ST!!! So this does not depend on the age at the moment of purchasing tickets. 

Token info
If you bought a ticket for WiSH Outdoor tokens in pre-sale, you can only hand in this ticket at the cash desk at the festival site. It's not possible to get tokens via a ticket at the campsite. However, you can buy tokens at the campsite (and festival site) with cash money or with your bank card. Food and drinks are on their way! Tokens are not refundable. 

Camp WOW ticket info
Your Camp WOW! ticket is valid for three nights at Camp WOW! If you want to buy a camping ticket for just one night, you get 2 more nights extra!

Opening hours

  Festival opening hours: Festival entrance opened until: Camp WOW! entrance opening hours:
Friday, June 29th 19.00h – 01.00h 22.30h 13.00h
Saturday, June 30th 13.00h – 01.00h 23.30h  
Sunday, July 1st 13.00h – 00.00h 22.00h  
Monday, July 2nd     11.00h


Ticket questions
For questions about your tickets, payment or order, contact Eventbrite via or send an e-mail to