30-01-02 JULY 2017

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WiSH Outdoor is opened during the following times:
⚓ Friday, June 30th: 18.00h - 01.00h (entrance open until 22.30h)
⚓ Saturday, July 1st: 13.00h - 02.00h (entrance open until 23.30h)
⚓ Sunday, July 2nd: 13.00h - 00.00h (entrance open until 22.00h)

The Camp WOW opening hours are:
⚓ Friday, June 30th: 13.00h
⚓ Monday, July 3rd: 11.00h
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Opening hours


  • Friday, June 30th 18.00h - 01.00h
  • Saturday, July 1st 13.00h - 02.00h
  • Sunday, July 2nd 13.00h - 00.00h


  • Friday, June 30th 13.00h
  • Monday, July 3rd 11:00h