Dear All,

We needed some time to recover from it. Although we already saw it coming, it still hurt more than expected. We must inform you with a heavy heart that the 14th edition of WiSH Outdoor cannot take place this year.


Preparations were already in full swing and the prospects for the 14th edition were excellent. Days and nights had already been worked with partners, suppliers, sponsors and volunteers, who would all be ready for you again this year to once again make it a great edition. And then the coronavirus entered, which means that we have to skip a year. An incredible disappointment. Not only for you, our loyal visitors who make it a top edition every year, but also for us as an organization.


After thirteen beautiful, adventurous, sold-out and unique editions with beautiful, loving and beautiful memories, we will have to wait a year to celebrate the 14th edition together.


All tickets purchased will automatically remain valid for next year, hoping to be able to make up for it in 2021. If you really cannot, there is a possibility of a refund, but we sincerely hope that you will support us to go all out in 2021.


Despite the dark clouds, we are looking forward to next year! Because as the cliché reads, every cloud has a silver lining. We can't wait to surprise you with crazy ideas to make it an unforgettable WiSH Outdoor.


We will meet in 2021! Until that time. Take heart, stay strong and above all healthy! <3


Team WiSH Outdoor


#Staysafe #Saveyourticket


Why does WiSH Outdoor not take place?

The Dutch government has decided to ban all events until September 1. This measure is necessary to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. The preparations were already in full swing and we have looked at all options for WiSH Outdoor to continue in another way, unfortunately this is not possible.

New date

2, 3, and 4th of July 2021

#saveyourticket #saveyourfestival

We want nothing more than to keep organizing festivals and events for you. You can help us to keep doing this. We ask you to keep your ticket so that you are all guaranteed to be there next year to make it an unforgettable edition again! In this case we follow the positions held by the entire cultural sector.

Ticket procedure

The last period we have looked, together with many parties involved, at possibilities regarding purchased tickets. This led to the following options for your WiSH Outdoor ticket:

1. Your ticket will automatically transfer to next year, so you can party with us at WiSH Outdoor 2021!
2. If you, unfortunately, cannot be there, you can request a refund.

Note: the choice applies to all purchased tickets.

If you go for option 1, which we as an organization sincerely hope, advise, and applaud, you don't have to do anything. Your ticket will automatically transfer to next year.

Edition 2021

The preparations were already in full swing and unfortunately this year we cannot show what we had in store for you, but this only means the edition of 2021 will be even better. There were many surprises and big names ready, but we will keep this in store for you for next year. Together we will make it an unforgettable edition in 2021.

No email received

Have you not received an email? Then take a look in your spam inbox. Also no e-mail there? Then it may be that someone else has ordered your ticket for you, please contact the buyer. If this is not the case, you can send an email to


We would like to remind you once again that you would help us tremendously by saving your ticket. This ensures that we can continue all preparations from this year to next year. We appreciate the support you can give us in this. By keeping your ticket you guarantee your presence at WiSH Outdoor 2021.

If it is really not possible for you to come? Then it is possible to request a refund. We find this very unfortunate because we would have liked you to be a part of next year’s edition! A refund applies to your entire order, so for entrance tickets as well as tokens, lockers, shuttle bus, and camping tickets, for yourself and the friends for whom you have bought tickets. Send an email to with your order number, first name, last name, and email address.

The purchase amount of your order will then be refunded, transaction and refund costs will be deducted from this. Given the current situation, we ask you to be patient about the date of repayment. It is possible to request a refund until 15 May 2020. If we have not heard from you before then, we assume that you will be there next year at the 14th edition of WiSH Outdoor!


You can expect an incredible top edition from us, complete with a massive line-up, creativity, and a big endshow, also in 2021. How this line-up will exactly look like will be announced later. Keep an eye out for our socials to be the first to know!

Booked accommodations

For questions about your Wolfpack at Camp WOW, you can email to If you have booked a FestiTent, we refer you to their website

Bus trips / flights / hotels

WiSH Outdoor is not responsible for booked bus trips, flights, and/or hotel stays. We hope that the external organizations are helpful enough to help you with this.

More information

For more information, you can email to

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