General questions

Should I read the entire FAQ?
No. You don’t have to. Just go, see what happens and have fun!

What is the minimum age to attend WiSH Outdoor?
On Friday (July 5th) and Saturday (July 6th), the age limit to enter the festival is 18. On Sunday (July 7th), there is no age limit. Children of age 12 and younger have to purchase a 'Sunday (0-12 years)' ticket and have to be accompanied by an adult.

But I will turn 18 on July 29th. Please can I come?
You shall not pass. Unless you look like 30-something. But it’s better if you don’t.

What are the opening hours of the festival? 
Friday: 19.00h – 01.00h | Saturday: 13.00h – 01.00h | Sunday: 13.00h – 00.00h You can find the campsite opening hours via the campsite FAQ below.

Will you be posting the timetable in advance?
Of course! Set times will be announced on the website a few days before the festival. In case you missed the online timetable, festival guides will be passed out upon entrance.

What will the weather be?
As the summer kicks in on June 21st, the weather in July is generally perfect for an outdoor festival. During the day, the average temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celcius. At night, the temperature drops to around 10-15 degrees, give or take a few. Even though we sacrifice and pray to the weather Gods every day, be sure to check out the latest weather forecast!

Can I be a volunteer for the festival?
Yes! With over 900 active volunteers, WiSH Outdoor has one of the highest volunteer-participation rates in the Dutch festival scene. We are always looking for new relatives to join this massive family. Check out the contact form.

What can I bring to the festival?
We love to see that you bring lots of happiness, friendship and love to the festival! A wonderful message, we know. However, it's not possible to bring food and drinks to the festival, since there will be plenty of food- and drink areas at the festival site. From high class food to french fries and burgers; WiSH Outdoor has got it all! If you have a prescription and/or a medical health card, you can bring your medicines to the festival. Please send an e-mail to info@bromios.nl about your medication and we'll take care of it. Otherwise it won't be possible to bring your medication. 

Can I bring my medicines?
If you have a prescription and/or a medical health card, you can bring your medicines to the festival. Please send an e-mail to info@bromios.nl about your medication and we'll take care of it. Otherwise it won't be possible to bring your medication. 

Hell yeah! I love the free Dutch spirit. Can I take my weed to WiSH Outdoor?
How about NO.

Why not?
Because, like most Dutch festivals, we have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of drugs.

And what if I’m really stupid by ignoring these rules and get caught with my drugs?
Depends on how much you're carrying with you. Punishment differs from banishment from our wonderland up to a trip with the local police and be fined/possible prosecution. Perhaps, you are even sentenced to an 18-hour non-stop Justin Bieber concert marathon.  

I have a question that is not listed here. Who do I contact?
Mail your question(s) to info@bromios.nl and we will send you an answer ASAP!

What can I find at the festival?

Do we get timetables at the entrance?
Hell yeah! And they’re for free too!

Is there enough shelter in case of bad weather?
Plenty. But anyways, there is no bad weather, so don’t you worry, don’t you worry child. You see, heaven’s got a plan for good weather. But just to be sure, check out the actual weather forecast ;)!

Are there ponchos available at the festival?
Yeppedidoo. That’s a yes.

Will there be lockers?
Lockers will be available just past the entrance gate.

What types of food will be available at the festival?
A wide variety of different types of food. From hamburgers till healthy food. Fries. Asian food. Fruits. Vegetables. Pancakes. Vegetarian food.. and there is MUCH more!  

What are the payment possibilities at the festival?
Card (Mastercard/VISA/Maestro) and cash!

Can I withdraw cash at the festival?
Nope. The closest ATM is on a 5 minute walk from the festival (Location ATM: RABOBANK – Koppelstraat – Beek en Donk). If you need some urgent cash, make sure you withdraw cash before you enter the festival.   

Will there be boobie traps on the festival?
Yes and no. There are no Home Alone alike situations with falling objects or hidden traps. There are, however, a lot of possibilities for men to get caught up with a woman at the festival. Once you’ve been caught, you cannot escape her because of her abnormal sexy body and looks. That’s what we call a #boobie-trap.

I am taking medicines and/or I require a special diet during the festival. How can I make sure that I can take them without any problems?
Bring along your medical certificated or prescription (together with your ID). In case you would like to bring your own food to the festival due to an allergy or medication, please contact us via info@bromios.nl

Will there be first aid on site?
First, aid will be on site. LOL. First - Aid. Got it? First aid. Haha, sorry. There will be several first aid points on the festival. Clearly marked and visible. The first aid team consists of a group of medical experts that can cure almost any problem. We believe they have a special gift. So if something happens, you will be getting the best possible care. Please, BE NICE TO THEM. Or what…? Remember Dr. Banner? That’s like a supercool friend of them. Enough said.  

Will there be sunglasses/hats/sunscreens sold?
Yes, yes and yes. Really nice sunglasses and hats by the way.

Will there be a possibility for cell phone charging at the festival?
Yes. We know. Today’s mobile phone batteries suck. Remember the years, remember the times, remember the moments you could play snake for 24 hours straight and losing only 10% of your battery.. Anyways, cell phone charging will be available.   

Will there be a place where lost & found items can be found?
Yes. Lost items can be found at the info/merchandise stand on the festival. If you've found something that doesn't belong to you, you can bring the lost item to the info/merchandise stand. Make sure that your mobile phone/wallet has distinct characters (e.g. photo) so that it will be easier to identify. Important! If you lose your friends on the festival, they cannot be found at the information desk. In most cases. 

What happens with lost & found items after the festival?
We sell them on ebay/craigslist. No seriously, in the first 2 days after the festival all the lost & found items will be collected by us. On wednesday after the festival, we hand them over to the local government and they will try and trace the rightful owners. Check out https://www.laarbeek.nl/producten/voorwerpen-verloren for more information.

Transportation questions

What is the parking fee?
15 euro per car.
Expensive? Hell no. Check this out: on average, you have to pay €2,61 per hour in an average Dutch city (of course, Amsterdam excluded, where you almost have to sell your car #expensiveparking) to park your car.12 x 2,61 = 31,32. So our parking lot is €16,32 less expensive. Ka-chinggggg.

Are there enough parking spaces and can I park close to the festival area?
Yes. The parking lot has plenty of parking spaces. Nevertheless, we suggest you do a little carpool, as this will reduce traffic! The trip (by foot) from the parking zone to the festival will take you about 5-7 minutes. (3 minutes if you walk really, really fast).

Which address should I follow if I want to visit the festival?
The festival and campsite are located at the Lekerstraat in Beek en Donk. Once you are getting closer to Beek en Donk, follow the WiSH Outdoor traffic signs.

Where is the nearest train station?
There are two train stations near WiSH Outdoor:

• Station Helmond (15 minute drive by car/taxi or 20 minutes via public transport)

• Station Eindhoven (25 minute drive by car/taxi or 35 minutes via public transport). The train station in Eindhoven is the biggest one and has the most destinations.

Via www.9292.nl you can make a personal public transport plan! A shuttle-bus between WiSH Outdoor and station Eindhoven and station Helmond will be available after the festival on saturday. 

Ticket questions

Can I slide of my wristband and give it to a friend?
No, of course not!

Will there be tickets sold at the festival doors?
That depends on the pre-sale. Chances are that the festival will be sold out, so be smart and buy your ticket during the pre-sale (they are also less expensive during the pre-sale period).

I accidentally put my wristband on too loose, what do I do?
Damaged or tampered with wristbands will not be granted access to the festival.

Is a 3-day pass three separate tickets?
No. You get one wristband for all festival days! :)

I bought tickets from a ‘friend’, how can I verify if it’s the real deal?
NEVER buy tickets from third parties. We cannot guarantee that the ticket you’ve bought is legit. Do you really want to risk the chance of obtaining a false ticket for too much money? Be smart and buy your ticket exclusively via the regular ticket points (www.wishoutdoor.com).

When and how do I receive my e-ticket?
A few minutes after you’ve ordered your tickets via the webshop, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with your e-tickets. Be sure to also check your junk mail folder, in case the e-mail is seen as spam! 

I accidentally bought the wrong ticket, what should I do?
Contact us via info@bromios.nl. We’ll see what we can do.

What are the official ticket channels?
Tickets can be purchased online via www.wishoutdoor.com (CM.com).

Can I cancel my ticket after I bought it?

How can I check the authenticity/validity of my ticket?
The WiSH Outdoor tickets are generated by CM.com. If you have any ticket questions check out https://support.cmtickets.com

Can I change the name of the ticket?
If you want to change the name that’s on a WiSH Outdoor ticket (so somebody else is going to use this ticket instead of you), you can check out this website!

I didn’t receive my e-tickets. Help!
Did you already check your Junk mail / SPAM / Quarantine folder? Still nothing? Check our support page, or the resend tickets page!

Campsite questions

I’ve got a campsite ticket (yeahhhhh!!!). Can I leave the festival to return to the campsite / parking?
No problem. With a camping wristband (+ festival wristband), you can leave the festival site and return without any problems. Of course, you’ll have to pass security again, so be sure you don’t take anything illegal with you!

Where is the campsite located?
The campsite is located literally right next to the festival. Just follow the signs when you are getting closer to the festival and you will find the campsite!

Can I bring a camper or mobile home?
Nope. Only tents.

Can I reach the campsite with public transport?
Via www.9292.nl you can make a personal public transport plan! The nearest bus stop to the campsite is ‘Brug Donk’ in ‘Beek en Donk’. For more information about how to get to WiSH Outdoor, check travel information at 'Festival Info'. 

Are there lockers available at the campsite?

What types of food will be available at the campsite?
Camp WOW! Will be equipped with a wide variety of delicious food. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? No problem!

What is the minimum age for the campsite?
18 years. No exceptions.

What are the openings hours of the campsite?
Camp WOW! will be open on Friday, July 3th, at 13:00h (1 PM) and will close Monday, July 6th, at 11:00h (11AM).

Where can I park my car?
On the parking lot. Check out the travel info ;)

Can I pass my campsite ticket to someone else?
As soon as the campsite ticket has been scanned at the entrance, you will receive a camping wristband and the ticket will expire. The wristband is non-transferrable. Therefore, it has no use to pass on the ticket, since it will lose its value as soon as you enter.

Do I have access to the festival with my campsite ticket?
No. In order to gain access to the festival, a separate ticket has to be bought. Click here to buy your festival tickets!

Will there be on-site security?
There will be on-site security at all times as well as a first aid unit (open 24/7). There will also be ninja’s to safeguard your belongings, but you will probably not see them. Ninja-style. 

Will there be free showers/bathrooms?
Of course. You will have plenty of room to transform yourself into party-mode. Are the showers free? YESSSS! FREE WATER everywhere!

What hours can I use the showers?
The showers can be used between somewhere in the morning and somewhere in the evening. This will be communicated on-site.

Can we camp next to each other if we are not arriving together?
There are several options. You could arrive on a time that everyone of you could arrive. This could be, for example, Friday at 13.00h. If you are not able to manage a time in which everyone can settle, you could get a special Wolfpack spot for you and your friends. If you are with a big group of friends, we even added some extras for you. For more information and reservations, check: https://www.camp-wow.com/#accomodations 

What if I cannot find the campsite after the festival?
The campsite is only like 50 metres away from the festival. So you would be pretty messed up if you wouldn’t be able to find it. Nevertheless, there will be plenty of signs directing you towards the campsite. Considering the physical state you’re in since you cannot find the campsite (which is like clearly visible), you will probably also miss the signs. Therefore, plenty of staff will be available to give you directions. 

Will there be a place to buy coffee? I need coffee to start up!
What is a campsite without some good old coffee? Yes, there will be a place to get coffee/hot water etc. 

Where is the closest ATM?
The closest ATM is located on a 5-minute walk from the campsite (Rabobank – Koppelstraat 91). Ask the camping-staff for more details.

Can I bring my friends into the camp?
As long as they buy a ticket, sure you can! ;)

Do I need to sleep in a tent?
Nope. Not really. Although a tent is pretty comfortable compared to sleeping naked outside on a fold table. You can sleep anywhere you want, as long as you don’t violate one of the rules. E.g. don’t sleep in the fire lanes or on unauthorized places on the campsite. 

How close is the campsite to the festival site?
Towards the festival it will take you approximately 30 seconds. From the festival to the campsite probably 10 minutes ;)

Can we bring alcohol? Is there a possibility to buy drinks on the campsite?
You can take 2 litres of alcohol towards the campsite. Be aware that it has a maximum of 15% alcohol in it and it isn't in a glass bottle. Opened bottles and home made mixes are not allowed. Of course, on the campsite there will be plenty of COLD booze/soda available for decent supermarket prices! :)

Can I bring food?
As much as you want!

Do you have an awesome playlist for the trip to WiSH Outdoor/for Camp WOW!/for our own personal pre-party?
Sure we do! Follow the official Spotify-account of WiSH Outdoor for a selection of great playlists to get in the mood for the festival. Check: https://open.spotify.com/user/wish_outdoor

Can I create a b-b-b-b-b-onfire?
N-n-n-n-n-nope. All open fire is forbidden.

Can I take a lamp?
We Love Lamp.

Can I bring a BBQ/Stove?
You cannot bring a charcoal-BBQ but you can bring a small stove. There are some important restrictions towards using a stove: • Only propane-powered devices are allowed to the campsite. • All cooking devices should bear a certification from a nationally recognized testing or certification organization. • Maximum amount of propane per campsite shall not exceed 250 grams. • A minimum of 3 feet clearance shall be maintained at all times while the cooking appliance is being used. Keep flammable products/liquids also on a 3 feet distance. • Cooking appliances can only be used between 7:00 am and 2:00 am. • Cooking appliances, when in use, shall never be left unattended.

Will there be electrical outlets to use?
There are no electrical outlets that can be used for campsite guest. There will, however, be a place to charge your phone. 

Can I charge my phone?
Yes, there will be a charging point on the campsite.

What are the payment possibilities on the campsite?
Card (MasterCard/Maestro/VISA) and cash.

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