Festival Info

Festival Info

Below you can find all the information you need to know when you're visiting WiSH Outdoor. If you have a question that's not listed below, please check the FAQ for the frequently asked questions. 

WiSH Outdoor 2019
Festival site ‘de Aa’
Beek en Donk (municipality of Laarbeek)
Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Opening hours festival


Festival opening hours

Entrance opened until:

Friday, July 3th

19.00h – 01.00h


Saturday, July 4th

13.00h – 01.00h


Sunday, July 5th

13.00h – 00.00h


Opening hours Camp WOW! (campsite)


Campsite opening hours

Friday, July 3rd


Monday, July 6th


Minimum age
On Friday July 3th and Saturday July 4th, the entrance is limited to people of 18 years and older.

On Sunday July 5th, there is no minimum age. Children of age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult and have to purchase a 'Sunday (0-12 years)' -ticket. 


Sunscreen is allowed. Due to safety measures, a maximum of 100 ml is allowed and you can only bring it in a tube to the festival. Sprays are not allowed. Furthermore, sunscreen will also be available on the festival site and the KWF foundation will even provide a complete ‘smear counter’ where visitors will be provided with a protective layer of sunscreen for free.

There are plenty of lockers available at the festival.

Payment methods
During the festival, food and drinks can only be purchased via festival tokens. It is impossible to buy food and drinks with cash money. Several cash registers are situated on the festival where you can buy festivaltokens via cash or card (Maestro/Mastercard/VISA/Credit Card).

Camp WOW! (campsite)
Are you searching for the best way to complete your WiSH Outdoor weekend? You just found it. Camp WOW!, the official WiSH Outdoor campsite, is the ultimate location to spend your nights during a weekend of WiSH Outdoor! The campsite, located in the lush green surroundings of the festival site, will be equipped with all the amenities to make sure you will have an unforgettable weekend! Check out www.camp-wow.com for more info!
Opening hours campsite: opened from Friday, July 5th 13:00h until Monday, July 8th, 11:00h.

If you don’t want to stay at Camp WOW but prefer to sleep in a hotelroom, we have some hotels that are located near the festival. We would recommend getting a hotel in one of these two cities. The following hotels, we would recommend:


  • Hotel Fitland Helmond
  • Golden Tulip West-Ende


  • Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne
  • Holiday Inn

Of course, there are many more hotels nearby the festivalsite of WiSH Outdoor. Feel free to explore other options!

Drop it like it’s Hotspot! We will provide big Wi-Fi spots on the festival. Both Mainstages will be covered with a quick access point which you can use for free of course, which is pretty fly for a Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is powered by our partner Festivalhotspot.nl.

Mobile devices
We try to provide a perfect signal for all visitors. Unfortunately, we depend on the Dutch mobile signal providers. This year, KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone will place extra signal towers near the festival, which will increase the capacity of the local network. Of course, there will also be plenty of free Wi-Fi-spots at the festival!

If you have some troubles with the tickets, you can check out this link for an answer: https://support.cmtickets.com/en Still didn't find the right answer? Send an e-mail to support@cmtickets.com and the people of CM will help you out! 

Download the WiSH Outdoor presspack here!
Do you have questions regarding press accreditations or other press-related information? Please contact via the contact form or send an email to press@bromios.nl

We always welcome people that want to help during the festival. Please contact via the contact form or send an email to crew@bromios.nl


WiSH Outdoor 2019 will be held at “Festival grounds de Aa”, Beek en Donk (municipality of Laarbeek) in North Brabant. For more information on how to reach WiSH Outdoor, check the information below.

From all over The Netherlands you can book your bustrip to WiSH Outdoor. You can check out the official WiSH Outdoor bustrips here and here. Are you organizing your own bustrip? Nice! Contact us via info@bromios.nl. You will receive information from us about the routing and parking possibilities.

Shuttle Bus
This year, shuttle buses will be driving up and down the road between Eindhoven and WiSH Outdoor on Saturday and Sunday. Book your tickets here

Er rijden dit jaar op zaterdag en zondag ofiiciële pendelbussen vanaf Eindhoven station naar WiSH Outdoor. Tickets boek je viadeze link. Voor €10,00 ga jij van Eindhoven (Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan, naast Centraal Station) naar WiSH Outdoor, én weer terug!


Saturday 4 July 2020 - Outward journey

Drive 1 12.00h
Drive 2 12.45h
Drive 3 13.30h
Drive 4 14.15h
Drive 5 15.00h
Drive 6 16.00h



Saturday 4 July 2020 - Return journey

Drive 1 21.00h
Drive 2 22.30h
Drive 3 00.00h
Drive 4 01.15h
Drive 5 01.45h
Last drive 02.00h



Sunday 5 July 2020 - Outward journey

Drive 1 12.30h
Drive 2 14.00h
Drive 3 15.30h



Sunday 5 July 2020 - Return journey

Drive 1 20.30h
Drive 2 22.00h
Last drive 00.15h

The tickets are not attached to the departure times. You can pick any time you want.

The festival site is close to highway N279. Navigate on 'Broekweg' in 'Beek en Donk' and follow the signs around the festival site that will lead you to the right parking. 

Public transport
There are several ways to reach the festival site by public transport. The address of festival site “de Aa” of WiSH Outdoor is Lekerstraat, Beek en Donk. Plan your trip fast and easily with www.9292.nl/en. The nearest train stations are: ‘Eindhoven’ and ‘Helmond’. The nearest bus stop to WiSH Outdoor is Brug Donk, Beek en Donk. From this bus stop it’s only a 10-minute walk to the festival site of WiSH Outdoor. A nice warm-up for your weekend of awesomeness. From Eindhoven Central Station you can take a night train to various other cities.

Kiss & ride
There is a special parking strip available where you can be dropped off and picked up again. Follow the signs and the directions of the traffic controllers. The address of the Kiss & Ride spot is 'Broekweg' in 'Beek en Donk'. Follow the signs around the festival site that will lead you to the right parking. 

During the WiSH Outdoor weekend, taxis will be waiting at the end of the festival to take you home. Don’t bother to try to make reservations for a taxi, as they will not take reservations during the weekend (except for going towards the festival). The address of the Taxi pick-up spot is 'Broekweg' in 'Beek en Donk'. Follow the signs around the festival site that will lead you to the right parking. 

As the Netherlands is a well-known bicycle country, there are plenty of bicycle stands available. The festival grounds can be reached by bicycle via the Monseigneur Verhagenstraat en via the Lekerstraat.

There are several airports within an hour drive of the festival site:


Be sure to check out www.9292.nl if you want to take public transport from the airport to the festival site!

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