About the highlights and the other side of the coin

This year we are heralding the tenth year that the largest and most fun rap group in the country has conquered the hearts of many Dutch people. In honor of this anniversary, the gentlemen are releasing their seventh album 'Medaille' today. On this album full of danceable and cheerful music, the group of friends raps about the highs and lows of ten years of Broederliefde. The men from Spangen know many highlights, as can be seen from the dozens of hits such as 'Jungle' and 'Mi No Lob' and the sold-out shows, but also know the other side of the coin. In the run-up to the album, the singles 'Vuur', 'Firi' and 'Girl You Know' were released. The album, featuring collaborations with, among others, Frenna, Kevin, Jonna Fraser and Yade Lauren, can now be heard everywhere. With 'Medaille' the group pays tribute to everything they have experienced over the past ten years.


The sold-out shows in Ahoy and Het Kasteel, countless appearances on TV shows and the award for their work: the record for longest album at number 1 in the charts with 'Hard Work Pays Off 2'. Yet it has not only been about winning records and awards in the past 10 years, the men of Broederliefde have been through a lot on a personal and business level. This is the other side of the coin. The title refers to another passion they share: football. The release that can come with this sport and the winning mentality they all have is evident in the artwork of the album; the reward for all their work.