Night Sky City offers something for everyone. Don't feel like lugging around with stuff? No problem. Book your stay at the Night Sky Resort and enjoy our luxurious accommodations, so that you can immediately go into relax mode. Are you a true old-school die-hard festival camper? Even then you can perfectly visit Night Sky City. The camping spots are spacious and in combination with the facilities of Night Sky City, even camping feels like luxury!

Not only is Night Sky City bigger than ever, it offers many new facilities. Stroll along the boulevard and discover all the beauty of the campsite. Pay a visit to the gym in the morning, where you will be stimulated with numerous challenges and work-outs so that you can go to the festival site in top shape. Afterward, you can refresh yourself in 'het Badhuis' or swim a few laps in the brand new swimming pool. Still, looking for fun gadgets or much-needed camping gear? Visit the Night Sky City Shopping Center, where you can go for lots of nice articles. Night Sky is also the right place for food and drinks. Of course, you can visit the various from breakfast to after snack food bars.

Had a tough festival day? Our coffee helps you get rid of your hangover with a good portion of kicks & caffeine. Prefer a nice one beer? At the Beer Barrel specialty beer bar, they serve the best ice-cold beers all day long! Last but not least, the legendary 3-channel silent disco afterparty returns! Three channels packed with chaos and plenty of surprise performances until late at night. In short, what's your excuse not to go? Precisely.

Night Sky City; let's go!

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