Mr. Shakes aka Sjaak broke through with raw tracks like 'I have shit' and 'What is it?'. He was part of the legendary project “Warrior System” and can be heard on a large number of party hits. Armed with these hits, he conquers the Dutch stages and puts down a grueling party set. 

After the mega success of 'Stap Voor Stap' with Kav Verhouzer, Sjaak decided to give 100% for the collaboration with Armada and that resulted in tracks like 'Wifen' with Bizzey and “Pipperdepap' with Tony Junior. Sjaak was also seen in the major cinemas last year because he got a role in the film "The Promise of Pisa".

Nowadays he is busy with his own Youtube channel called SjaakTV. He always surprises his followers with different content. His latest series Klaas Sjaak, in which he tells fairy tales in his own way, already went viral with the first episode Little Red Riding Hood! 

And there's a lot more to come, stay tuned.