Turfy Gang will enter the Dutch music scene in 2021. The group, which consists of 7 students from Maarssen, managed to score well in 2021 with their debut singles 'Booty Call' and 'Je Voelt Ons'!

The guys from Turfy Gang started their musical career with a joke that got out of hand. The music was initially only made for chilling out. They wanted to be able to listen to the music via Sonos, this was not possible via Soundcloud, so they put their music on Spotify.

The men met on a hockey team, often they went to make music after the game. Joris and Koen are the front men of the group. Joris, formerly known as “JRVO” started making music when he was twelve. He already achieved quite a few streams under this name. With Joris's experience, the boys started making music. The men get their beats from house acts such as Disclosure, Tchami and Oliver Heldens. This in combination with rap lyrics inspired by the style of Josbros, Lijpe and Lil Baby ensures that they score hit after hit.

The name "Turfy Gang" is derived from Joris' XBOX account "Turfy". With positive energy and especially recognizable lyrics for many students, they manage to score hit after hit. The first songs immediately scored well, but the real breakthrough started after their visit to FunX. The men performed a live performance of their single 'Neighbours', which immediately went viral on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. With this hit in which they say sorry to the neighbors in a cynical tone, they have more than 5 million streams on Spotify alone.

Turfy Gang has only just begun, but the future looks promising. In 2022 they will turn the Netherlands upside down!